4e Symposium International sur l’Innovation et la Technologie dans l’Industrie des Phosphates
Du 8 au 10 Mai 2017 – Ben Guérir - Centre de Conférences - UM6P
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Présentations SYMPHOS

Plenary Lectures
PL3 "Extracting Value through Operations Excellence", Mr André P. KOTLAREVSKY, CEO DuPont OCP Operations Consulting, Morocco Télécharger
Keynote Sessions
KN3 "CIM Definitions, Standards, Best Practices and NI43-101", Mr Garth KIRKHAM, President Elect, Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM), Canada Télécharger
KN5 "Precision Phosphorus Fertilization", Mr Fabrice RENARD, Directeur Innovation, Prayon S.A., Belgique Télécharger
KN9 "The Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) – an essential tool for World Class Maintenance", Michael WIENKER, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG, Morocco Télécharger
KN10 " What kind of Modern “green” Chemical Engineering is required in the Framework of Global Trade, Sustainability and Industry Technical Innovation Demand?", Jean-Claude CHARPENTIER, Former President European Federation of Chemical Engineering, CNRS/ENSIC/University of Lorraine, France Télécharger
Mining Technologies
CO1 "Electrostatic beneficiation of phosphate ores: review of past work and discussion of an improved separation system", Frank HRACH, Director, Process Engineering, ST Equipment & Technology LLC, USA Télécharger
CO4 "Outotec HIGmillTM – Optimization of stirred milling technology", Mattias ÅSTHOLM, Product Manager HIG mills, Outotec, Sweden Télécharger
CO6 "3D Technologies for Surveying, Monitoring & Mining", Faïz OUMGHAR, Sales Engineer and 3D solutions responsible, Leica GEOSYSTEMS, Paris, France Télécharger
Mining Technologies (Part 2)
CO9 "Wirtgen drives the development of surface mining", Hermann-Josef VOLK, Wirtgen GmbH, Germany Télécharger
CO13 "Application of Cast Blasting in Moroccan Phosphate Mines", Mansour ASRI, Youssef DAAFI, OCP Group, Benguérir, Morocco Télécharger
Phosphoric Acid
CO1 "Plant profitability improvement thanks to production team and engineering offices synergy: a case study in Prayon production site", Nicolas VAN LIERDE, Laurent BECKERS, Prayon Technologies S.A., Belgium Télécharger
CO4 "Thickening, filtration and Clarifying in Phosphoric Acid industry", Roger Summerhays, International Sales Manager, WesTech Inc. Salt Lake City, UT, USA Télécharger
Industrial Management
CO7 "The Management of the Environment during the realization of industrial projects: Case of ODI’s Project OCP Group –Jorf Lasfar Site", Amal BELLARBI, Responsible of Environnement, Jacobs Engineering S.A., Morocco Télécharger
CO8 "Water management in phosphoric acid: a processes comparison", Tibaut THEYS, General Manager PRT, Prayon Technologies, Belgium Télécharger
Phosphate Materials
CO1 "2020 cathode materials cost competition: Lithium Iron Phosphate, the promising best candidate for Energy Storage System", Fabrice RENARD , Directeur Innovation, Prayon S.A., Belgique Télécharger
CO2 "Electrode materials based on phosphates as a suitable way for clean energy storage", Ismael SAADOUNE, Professeur, Université Cadi AYYAD, Marrakech, Maroc Télécharger
CO5 "Production of sodium dihydrogeno-phosphate (NaH2PO4) and sodium trimetaphosphate (Na3P3O9) using sodium chloride (NaCl) and orthophosphoric acid (H3PO4)", Doan PHAM MINH, Assistant professor, Toulouse University, Mines Albi, France Télécharger
Chemicals Modelisation
CO1 "An overview of state of the art consequence and risk modelling approaches for the process industries", Stéphane TORRENS, DNVGL, France Télécharger
CO2 "The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics for Heat Transfer and Impeller Design in Mixing Applications", José Roberto NUNHEZ, Professor of Chemical Engineering, UNICAMP – State University of Campinas, Brazil Télécharger
CO5 "Plant Operability Optimization through Dynamic Simulation, a Case Study focused on Phosphoric Acid Concentration Unit", Alexandre DURAND, Prayon S.A., Belgium Télécharger
CO1 "Construction of slurry pipelines", Juan Pablo BELTRAN, Education: Industrial Engineer – National University of Buenos Aires, Argentina Télécharger
CO2 "The Theoritical and experimental Study of a Thermal Method for Seawater Desalination by Solar & Wind energy", D. Saifaoui, W. DRISSI, Laboratoire physique appliquée et Energies Renouvelables, Casablanca, Maroc Télécharger
CO4 "Gas Turbine: Optimization of Energy Production and High Efficiency by Using Power Electronics", Aziza BENABOUD, Enseignante chercheure, Royal Navy School, Casablanca, Morocco Télécharger
CO5 "Improving energy efficiency in the chemical industry by using high efficiency motors: case study", Mohamed KADDARI, University Chouaib Doukkali, ENSA El Jadida, (LabSIPE), Morocco Télécharger
CO4 "Maroc Phosphore III-IV : PAP adaptation to phosphate slurry with process improvement", Benoit VAN MASSENHOVE, Process Manager, Prayon Technologies, Belgium Télécharger
Mining Beneficiation
CO1 "Dust – Considerations When Handling Formed Sulfur in Bulk", Gerard d’Aquin, President, Con-Sul, USA Télécharger
CO2 "On-Line Light Element Analyzer for Phosphate Beneficiation", Juha TIMPERI, Outotec, Finland Télécharger
CO5 "Valorization of phosphate waste rocks and sludge from Moroccan phosphate mines: Challenges and perspectives", Rachid HAKKOU, Professor, University Cadi Ayyad, Morocco Télécharger
Mining Beneficiation (Part 2)
CO10 "Developments in flotation collectors for phosphate beneficiation", Jan-Olof GUSTAFSSON, Scientist Mining Chemicals, Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry AB, Sweden Télécharger
CO11 "Dry Pre-concentration of Phosphate Ore", Jens-Michael BERGMANN, Dr. Christopher ROBBEN, Sales and Project Manager, TOMRA Sorting GmbH, Germany Télécharger
CO12 "Flotation C-Plant; an optimum modular approach", Luis RUDOLPHY, Outotec Oy, Finland Télécharger
CO1 "Ammonia production for use in phosphate fertilizers", Nikolaj KNUDSEN, Sales Manager, Haldor Topsoe A/S, Denmark Télécharger
CO7 "Biodegradable Polyurethane Materials from lignin and vegetable polyol as coating Material for the controlled-release fertilizer (CRF)", Younes ESSAMLALI, presented by Mohamed ZAHOUILY, Professor, MAScIR Foundation, Morocco Télécharger
CO3 "Calcium phosphates for odour treatment", Nathalie LYCZKO, Ingénieur de recherche, Université de Toulouse, Mines Albi, France Télécharger
CO4 "An integrated tool to survey and forecast impact of an industrial plant on its atmospheric environment", Fabien BROCHETON, Deputy General Manager, NUMTECH, France Télécharger
CO8 "Gas Scrubber Efficacy via Uniform Distribution Injector Sprays", Maroun El Medawar, North Africa Business Driver, Spraying Systems Co., USA Télécharger
Corrosion & Protection System
CO1 "Recent experience with metallic heaters For Phosphoric acid evaporation", B. SIZA VIEIRA, V. PERROT, Sandvik Materials Technology, Oporto, Portugal Télécharger
CO3 "Basis for calculation and design of FRP piping and vessels", A. Adriano URENA, Directeur technique, Ollearis, S.A., Spain Télécharger
CO6 "Tubes Failure of Ammonium Nitrate Falling Film Evaporator", Saqib RAZA, Process Engineer-Nitro phosphate Plant, Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited, Pakistan Télécharger
CO8 "How the Rapid Development Of Duplex Grades Influence Material Selection", Hachemi LOUCIF, Head Of Desalination, QPE Degerfors Outokumpu Stainless AB, Sweden Télécharger
Sulfuric Acid
CO1 "New sulfur melting technology installed in KAZAKHSTAN and USA", Mark GILBREATH, Devco, USA Télécharger
CO2 "Revamp and Upgrade Possibilities in Sulphuric Acid Plants", Jan ALBRECHT, OUTOTEC GmbH & CoKG, Germany Télécharger
CO3 "Latest developments on DuPont™ MECS® sulphuric acid catalyst", Tom BROUWERS, EMEA Product Manager, Sulphuric Acid Plants and Catalysts, MECS, Belgium Télécharger
CO4 "Effect of inferior and ageing catalyst", Casper VITTRUP FRANDSEN, Haldor Topsoe A/S, Denmark Télécharger
CO5 "Convertible Lump Sum EPS Contracting Model – How to get the plant you need now and still enjoy in 20 years?", Michael FENTON, Senior Business Development Manager, Chemetics Inc., Canada Télécharger
CO6 "Process Heat Recovery and Digitalisation in Sulphuric Acid Plants", Michael KEMMERICH, Outotec GmbH & Co.KG, Germany Télécharger
CO7 "Commercialisation of MECS® SolvR™ regenerative SO2 recovery technology", Garret PALMQUIST, Business Development Manager, MECS, Belgium Télécharger
Geological Modelling
CO1 "Three challenges in maximising phosphate resource value and how Maptek confronts them", Joseph SYKES, Gary BUCHANAN, Maptek, UK Télécharger
CO4 "OCP's geological information system", Youssef DAAFI, Es-Said JOURANI, Kamal TIDDARINE, Oussama KHADIRI YAZAMI, OCP S.A., Morocco Télécharger
High Value Elements
CO1 "How Would You Recover 1 Million Kilograms U3O8 per Annum?", Vaughn ASTLEY, Regis STANA, Dr Phosphate, USA Télécharger
CO3: "Overview of the fluorochemicals industrial sectors", Alain DREVETON, AD Process Strategies Sarl, Switzerland Télécharger
CO4 "The Benefits of Isolating & Utilizing Fluorine from Phosphate Operations", Ray WILL, IHS, USA Télécharger
CO5 "Recovery of Rare Earths from Wet Process Phosphoric Acid, the Solvay experience", Alain ROLLAT, SOLVAY Rare Earth Systems, France Télécharger
CO6 "Process online to follow the production by LIBS Laser Impulse Plasma for fertilizer ", Dr ALBERT SOTTO, TAL INSTRUMENTS, France Télécharger
CO1 "Exploration of sulfur and potash in Morocco: state of play", Addi AZZA, Ingénieur Général, Ex-Chef du « Projet Soufre », Ministère de l’Energie, des Mines, de l’Eau et de l’Environnement, Maroc Télécharger
CO2 "Innovation in the Phosphate Industry: A review and analysis of patents relating to the Phosphate Industry", Bob STEMBRIDGE, Senior Patent analyst, Thomson Reuters, United Kingdom Télécharger
CO3 "Competitive drivers in the phosphates business", Oliver HATFIELD, Director of Fertilizer Research, Integer Research, Invicta House, United Kingdom Télécharger
WS1 Safety Management
WS6 "South Africa’s Mining Industry Safety Journey – A personal perspective", Wilco UYS, Professional Mining Engineer, Bethal, South Africa, George BASSON, Executive Chairman, DUST-A-SIDE, South Africa Télécharger
WS2 Phosphogypsum
WS1 "Multiple benefits from salt-affected lands ameliorated by phosphogypsum", Qadir MANZOOR, United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH), Ontario, Canada Télécharger
WS3 "Phosphogypsum recycling, as structural in a Phosphoric acid plant business model", Anas LAHLOU, Jorf Fertilizers Company V, Jorf Lasfar, Morocco Télécharger
WS5 "Frame Work for Mainstreaming phosphogypsum use in Road Construction in Morocco", Yahia BOUABDELLAOUI, IAV. Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute, Morocco Télécharger
WS3 Phosphate Geology
WS2 "The "Dérangements" in the phosphate series in the Khourigba area (Morocco): Evidence for karstification along the NE border of the basin? ", Michel SÉRANNE, Professeur, Université Montpellier, France Télécharger
WS4 "Sédimentologie et stratigraphie séquentielle des cortèges phosphatés d’âge Maastrichtien-Yprésien du gisement de Benguérir, Maroc", Mustapha MOUFLIH, Professor, FS Ben M'sick, Casablanca, Morocco Télécharger
WS4 Nutrient Plant Interface
WS1 "Multimicrobial inoculants: mycorrhizal fungi and associated bacteria for an optimal use of phosphate fertilizers", Silvio GIANINAZZI, INOCULUMplus sas, France Télécharger
WS2 "Management and Development of Soil Microbial Resources for Sustainable Development", Ibrahima NDOYE , Centre de Recherche de Bel-Air, Dakar, Sénégal Télécharger
WS4 "Development of a biological phosphate fertilizer to improve wheat (Triticum astivum) production in Mali", Amadou Hamadoun BABANA, Professeur, Université des Sciences, Mali Télécharger
WS5 Phosphate Geology
WS7 "Geology and Mineralogy of Phosphorite Concretions in the Ma’an area, south Jordan", Khalid TARAWNEH, Faculty of Engineering, Al Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan Télécharger
WS8 "Preliminary data of REE in Algerian phosphorites: a comparative study and paleo-redox insights", Rabah KECHICHED, Professeur, Université Kasdi Merbah, Oaurgla, Algérie Télécharger
WS6 Agriculture In Africa
WS1 "Diagnosis of phosphorus requirements for cocoa soils in Côte d’Ivoire", Louis KOKO, Soil fertility scientist, CNRA Divo, Programme Cacao, Côte d’Ivoire Télécharger
WS5 "Efficacy Evaluation of two NPKS Fertilizer Formulations of OCP on Three Important Food Crops in Smallholder Farming in Kenya", Esther GIKONYO, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute KARLO, Kenya Télécharger
WS7 Digital Mining
WS1 "CODELCO DIGITAL: history advances and challenges" Marco ORELLANA, CIO Corporate, Codelco, Chile Télécharger
WS5 "Evolving Dragline Fleet Application: Techniques To Reduce Cost ", Randy GOVIER, Caterpillar Global Mining, South Milwaukee, USA Télécharger
WS6 "Disruptive Innovation in Digital Mining", Alexander CONTI, Technology Strategy, Accenture Plant and Commercial Services, Brazil Télécharger
WS7 "Mobile weighing systems and data transmission: Save time and money - optimize processes - reduce costs", Mustapha KOUMIH, Area Sales Manager PFREUNDT GmbH, Germany Télécharger